Upcoming Programs


Fire Talk Counseling Sessions

See Fire Talk page.  Jeff offers five fire talk options:

  • Individual sessions 
  • Multi-session days (2 or 3 sessions)
  • Multi-day Retreats 
  • Long-distance sessions via teleconference.

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Solo Retreats – at our new Guest Cabin

You can schedule a full-day or multi-day guided retreat while staying overnight at Jeff’s new guest cabin. For more information and fees see Fire Talk menu. Individuals can also rent the cabin for a quiet getaway without signing up for a program. Those reservations are made separately through our cabin’s Airbnb page.


Jeff’s Writings at Urban-Shamanism.org

Urban-Shamanism.org is Jeff’s companion website of archived public radio commentaries, short stories, podcast interviews, video, poetry, images and aspects of shamanic healing all woven together to inspire and open the heart.  Visit now and leave a comment!


Great Plains Shamanic Programs

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