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The Lost Art of Heart Navigation

April 12-14, 2019 (Traverse City, MI)

Jeff Nixa is partnering with Higher Self Bookstore in Traverse City, MI to bring this powerful 3-day weekend of soul transformation, shamanic visioning, and life way-finding skills to northern Michigan!

Enjoy two day-long programs (and a free Friday evening introductory session) to help you clarify your life purpose, awaken your unique healing and navigational powers in your life, and bring your medicine into the world for helping others and healing our wounded earth. The core teachings for this weekend can be found in Jeff’s book, The Lost Art of Heart Navigation: A Modern Shaman’s Field Manual (Bear & Co., 2017)

Weekend Overview

  • Friday, April 12th, 7p-9p: Intro talk on nature-based spiritual traditions, shamanic healing, and book-signing (freewill donation)
  • Saturday, April 13th, 9a-5p: The Shamanic Heart Path: Ancient Wisdom for Navigating Modern Life ($65.)
  • Sunday, April 14th, 9a-5p: Fire Talks: An Introduction to Shamanic Counseling Methods ($65.)

You can register online for the entire weekend, or individual sessions. You can also register by calling Higher Self Bookstore directly, at (231) 941-5805

Program Details

The most important task we have in life is to discover our soul’s purpose, and to bring that purpose- our ‘medicine’- fully alive in the world.  But how do we find that purpose?  Who can be trusted to show us?  And how do we start living a life more aligned to that purpose without falling back into old patterns of distraction, self-doubt, or stagnation? This weekend program will show you how. Jeff teaches a practical, no-nonsense approach to shamanic healing rooted in the earth-honoring spiritual relations that we all possess regardless of our particular culture or ethnicity.

On Friday evening Jeff will introduce you to the lost practices of the Heart Path, a soulful, time-tested, and strength-based approach to healing and life-navigation rooted in the earth-honoring spiritual traditions of world shamanism.  Saturday’s day-long workshop will provide an overview of shamanic healing traditions, and teach key practices like shamanic journeying.  Sunday’s program will go deeper and expand on Saturday’s work and teach a basic  fire talk (shamanic counseling) practice for helping you break old patterns by engaging directly with the spirit of your particular ‘demons’ in a safe and structured way.

Specifically, attendees will learn:

  • An overview of shamanic spiritual traditions, the nature-based wisdom common to all our ancestors worldwide.
  • A process for getting clear on your own heart: your unique spiritual Center or core self, and visioning forward from that Center for a more joyful, purposeful life ahead.
  • A method for identifying the particular barriers you have (both conscious and unconscious) to moving forward on that vision in your life.
  • Shamanic journeys to directly connect you with your spirit guide(s) for support, practical information, and guidance in this process.
  • A demonstration of the fire talk counseling process, with a volunteer from the group.
  • Practicing the fire talk counseling process in small groups, learning to directly engage with the spirits of one’s fears for releasing of old patterns, and restoring vital energy.
  • Practical advice on moving forward on your own heart path, and protecting your progress from self-sabotage, criticism from others, and real-life difficulties.

*Attention Healers: This program will be of particular value to people in the healing and helping fields of medicine, nursing, teaching, psychology, social work, ministry and pastoral counseling.  Participants with prior shamanic training will find a powerful new approach for going deeper into the soul with innovative healing practices not found in conventional “core shamanism” programs.

Preregistration required: Click here and scroll down Higher Self Bookstore’s class registration page. If you have any difficulties, just contact Higher Self Bookstore.


Recapturing the Power and Energy of Your Heart: Shamanic Hypnotherapy (with guest teacher Jeff Currier)

May 3-5, 2019 (South Bend, IN and North Liberty, IN)

We are excited to welcome guest teacher Jeff Currier to Michiana for this weekend workshop. Jeff is a chemical engineer, geologist, shamanic healing practitioner, hypnotherapist and Reiki master… and co-owner of Higher Self Bookstore in Traverse City, MI with his wife Jo. Jeff will lead us in a deep exploration of “Shamanic Hypnotherapy,” an innovative approach to using our personal power and energy by integrating shamanic approaches with hypnotherapy tools.


  • Friday, May 3d, 7-9p. Welcome and Introductory Talk, with a Meditation and Hypnosis Exercise (Freewill offering. Location TBA in South Bend, IN.)
  • Saturday, May 4th, 9a-5p. Unlocking Your Personal Power ($75. at Potato Creek State Park, N. Liberty, IN – family cabins)
  • Sunday, May 5th, 9a-5p. Understanding and Reclaiming Energy ($75. at Potato Creek State Park, N. Liberty, IN- family cabins)

You can register for the entire weekend, or individual sessions. Contact Jeff Nixa for email registration, or email at greatplainsguide@gmail.com. You’ll receive an e-invoice for your payment and convenience.

Program Details

  • Friday evening- Jeff Currier will introduce his work in shamanic hypnotherapy, and offer a meditation and hypnosis exercise for the public. (Freewill $ offering. Location TBA in South Bend, IN – will depend on class size)
  • Saturday– “Unlocking Your Personal Power”: , we will look at how fear comes into our lives and the conscious and unconscious ways that it manifests.  When we learn how to transmute our fear into personal power, we can dream and create the life that we desire for ourselves.  We will recapture the power you have within yourself, and in doing so, embrace the light within your heart. As we begin to create this broader awareness, we will practice combining shamanic and hypnosis tools and techniques – “Shamanic Hypnotherapy”, to change fear into curiosity and unlock frozen power.  Once this transmutation of fear has occurred, we can then harness the personal power that it provides. We will take a deep look at personal power, the various way we give it away and have it taken from us, and explore the concept of “The Divine Feminine” proposing a new approach to this energy and how it relates to our personal power.  The Divine Feminine applies equally to men and women and is often misunderstood creating fear and conflict amongst us. As you begin to reclaim your personal power you will begin to feel your(true)self, your soul; you will gain a lightness, a new way of being that will enable you to create and bring into reality the life path you desire.  Investment: $75.
  • Sunday we will explore various aspects of our personal energy and the role that it plays in impacting our personal power. We examine relationships, conflict, protection, and being empathic. You will be shown ways to identify when your energy is being zapped and methods and tools that can prevent this from happening. You will also learn ways to recover and reclaim your energy if this has occurred.  We will explore energy strands, or cords, that connect us to all things and all people, and learn how to recognize healthy and unhealthy energetic connections.  Through the use of both shamanic tools and hypnosis methods, you will experience and learn techniques to remove unhealthy connections and what you can do to “protect” yourself from obtaining unhealthy connections in the future.  We will then combine the concepts of power and energy to develop grounding techniques that will aid you as you move along the path that is for your highest good and in alignment with the will of your soul.  Investment: $75.

Learnings will include:

  • An introduction into “Shamanic Hypnotherapy”, a combination of traditional shamanic practices combined with hypnotherapy methodologies.
  • Understanding fear and harnessing it to empower you.
  • The Divine Feminine and it’s application to both Men and Women.
  • A new way to see and deal with conflict without disempowering ourselves or others.
  • A new perspective on what it means to be an Empath and how that relates to your personal energy.
  • Managing and maintaining your energetic USB ports in your energy body in a healthy manner
  • What grounding really is and how to ensure you’ll no longer be knocked off center in your daily life.
  • Practicing discernment and recognizing how it differs from judgement in a compassionate, heart-felt way.
  • Express your personal power and energy from your heart rather than being caught up in our head and thoughts.
  • Integrating your personal power and energies to eliminate cyclic behaviors and karmic cycles.

Meals: Brown-bag lunches and snacks to keep things simple. The large family cabins at the Park have full kitchens with stovetop, microwave, fridge and sink for storing and re-heating your food. Bring your own dinnerware and utensils.

Jeff Currier is a shamanic practitioner, certified hypnotherapist, and master in Usui and Crystal Reiki,
With degrees in chemical engineering and geology, he shares his love of crystals and minerals and brings a unique scientific-backed approach to spirituality and healing that helps others understand the science behind energy-based practices. Trained at a state-certified hypnotherapy school and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotherapists, Jeff’s hypnotherapy approach addresses the root cause of behaviors and attitudes, helping clients quickly achieve their goals. As a Shamanic Practitioner, Jeff follows the practice and principles of The Foundation for Shamanic Healing as well as his own insights gained from personal work with land, sacred sights and indigenous teachers in Peru and the U.S. Jeff is co-owner of Ways To Wellness (Midland, MI) and Higher Self Bookstore (Traverse City, MI).

Preregistration required. Contact Jeff Nixa for registration, or email Jeff directly at: greatplainsguide@gmail.com. You’ll receive an e-invoice for your payment and convenience.

Fire Talk Counseling Sessions

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See Fire Talk page.  Jeff offers five fire talk options:

  • Individual fire talk sessions
  • Full-day intensives at the Hermitage
  • Weekend/ multi-day intensives at the Hermitage
  • Couples fire talk sessions
  • Long-distance fire talks (by Skype or phone)

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Solo Urban Retreats – at the Hermitage

You can schedule a private full-day or multi-day overnight guided retreat at Jeff’s backyard Hermitage.  For more information and fees see Fire Talk menu.



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