Feeling Stuck or Lost? Longing for Change?

There’s actual help here. And real support. An opportunity to live a more joyful, assured and connected life aligned to your heart. A way forward that feels natural, vital, and rooted in something more solid and enduring than one’s job, possessions, or ever-shifting relationships. 

The approach is not complicated, expensive, or weird. It’s not a religious program, a  psychotherapy, or self-help trick. It’s a gentle yet powerful form of nature-based spiritual counseling known as the Path of the Heart. 

The Path of the Heart is rooted in the time-tested wisdom of indigenous cultures around the world. (Learn more here.) This wisdom can be found in teachings as diverse as the Red Road spiritual path of the Oglala Lakota people, and the heart psychology of C.G. Jung. But they all share one common question for the seeker: Who are you, really?  And what kind of life does your heart really long to be living? These are spiritual questions. They invite you to get clear on your heart, what path you are on, and whether that path has a heart for you or not. 

Clients do bring real-life problems to our sessions, not just “spiritual questions.” And we address these problems and find meaningful and lasting solutions. But we first focus on the heart by making a little spiritual quest: a journey downwards, deeply inside, to explore the individual’s heart and reconnect with her natural, authentic self.

In indigenous cultures this process can be called soul retrieval (getting one’s Spirit back) and feels like finding a long-lost friend, reconnecting and welcoming her back into your life. When you accomplish this you’ve done more than find your heart. You’ve plugged back in to your power: the innate energy, vitality, and resilience obvious in any wild animal that has not been crippled by confinement or domestication. You’ve rediscovered the vision or song for your life. And this changes everything.  

The Path of the Heart is not complicated. A child can learn it. I learned it myself and now teach it to others. I’m a veteran spiritual guide who has made the spiritual quest, experienced its power, learned its common pitfalls, and returned with medicine to help others.  

If these words seem to resonate with you, contact me. We can meet in person or online. I will help you connect with your heart, seek a clear vision for your life’s purpose, conquer the fears that have kept you stuck, and come alive with new power, support, and direction moving forward.  

The influence of a vital person vitalizes others. That’s how we most effectively serve, inspire others, and walk a good path.