Nature-Based Healing

My programs are rooted in the ancient, nature-based wisdom traditions that anthropologists call shamanism, a general term for the shared beliefs and practices of indigenous cultures worldwide. These traditions are  experiencing a major revival today because people are hungry for more natural, soulful healing approaches that connect deeply with mother earth.

There are many good paths to personal healing and transformation. What shamanism offers is the recovery of an entire lost worldview oriented to nature and the dynamic, intelligent web of life all around us.

Central to this worldview is the belief that every created thing has a spirit, and a particular role to play in the function of the great Web of life. To be happy, healthy, and of highest service every person needs to be clear on her gifts and natural way of being, her “medicine,” and bring that medicine fully alive in the world while remaining in good balance with nature.  

A key teaching is that people who do not know their hearts, or are living a life cut off from nature, will not do well. They will not know their purpose in life, will not be plugged into the great Web, will lose power, and will be easily taken over by people with more power, by their own negative emotions, and by the challenges of daily living. This loss of vitality and direction is called soul loss. Soul loss is very common and can result from many things including past trauma and the lack of meaningful connections with nature. Our entire culture is suffering soul loss today, as evidenced by our disregard for our bodies, our inability to hold still, and our abuse of the living earth. 

For our indigenous ancestors, the traditional “treatment” for soul loss was not to stay busy, go to psychotherapy, or take antidepressants. It was to get your soul back. Doing so involves embarking on a spiritual journey to find the parts of your essence that have been lost, bringing your heart fully back online, and living the life you were born for. It means getting your unique gifts and power–your medicine–out into the world in real ways.

My fire talk counseling sessions help clients do this, by blending the best of modern counseling psychology with the magical tools of traditional healing practices. These can include vision questing, storytelling, core questions, dream work, fire ceremony, shamanic journeying, acquiring a power animal or spirit guide, soul retrieval, nature-based mindfulness practices, and more. 

Some people know exactly what parts of their hearts have been lost and our work begins there.  Others have no idea what is missing, what their heart even is, or what it might long for.  So we begin there, with gentle practices that teach people how to identify and listen to their deep spiritual core for the first time.

It’s fascinating work, like any good adventure. Intriguing, challenging, surprising, and unforgettable. And you can begin your own adventure right now.


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