I just read your story on Urban-Shamanism about volunteering on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  I couldn’t finish it because the tears were so heavy in my eyes…my heart was tearing as I read on. Your words expressed so much of what I have felt and feel about our tribe and our earth….you write so powerfully….from the heart.  I have felt so many times much that you expressed so beautifully.  As I read, I traveled with you on your trip and felt all you felt and met all the wonderful people you met ….   I thank the Great Spirit for your talent in written expression.  

                                                                                                                 Peace, Karla


Click Urban-Shamanism.org to enjoy my writings in recent years, short stories with photos on an interactive blog-companion to this website.  Jeff reclining in BWCA Sep 2012It’s a forum “dedicated to healing the relationship between human beings, the natural world and Great Spirit in urban life”.

You’ll find commentary, short stories, video, poetry, images and aspects of shamanic healing woven together to open the heart of the urban journeyer.

Come visit, enjoy and leave an on-line comment or reflection for others to read!

-Jeff Nixa

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