Guest Cabin

Clients who visit Jeff for a fire talk, workshop, or personal retreat can stay overnight in our new guest cabin, a beautiful structure hand-built by an Amish craftsman in our area.  Clients get a reduced rate from the regular Airbnb lodging fee (below).  The cabin can also be rented for personal retreats without signing up for any program with Jeff, via the cabin’s separate Airbnb site where you will find more photos, details, and guest reviews!

The cabin is a cozy two-room, 4-season structure with a high ceiling, kitchenette, bump-out bathroom, and basic furnishings for two. The cabin has full electric, lights, heat and A/C, and insulated windows with screens for summer breezes.  Heat is provided by a propane wall furnace in colder months.  The cabin does not have running water/indoor plumbing but ample fresh water is provided and easily heated in the electric kettle and microwave. See Kitchenette details below. Guests can arrange to take a quick hot shower in our home next door. 

Fees: The discounted cabin fee for clients who schedule 2 or more concurrent fire talks with Jeff is a flat $65./nite Su-Th, and a flat $85./nite Fri-Sa. (The normal Airbnb rate is $69. weeknights and $103.-130. weekends, plus additional cleaning fees, taxes, and Airbnb service fees.)

Accommodations: The cabin has two twin beds, a table and chairs, bathroom, and basic supplies for two people.  We provide bed linens, pillows, and towels for guests.  


The kitchenette (below) has a single-burner electric hotplate, small microwave oven, dorm-style 3 cu. ft. refrigerator, coffeemaker, electric kettle, dishes, cups and flatware for 2 people. Clean water for drinking and washing comes from a 3-gallon stoneware water cooler and additional fresh water is provided in 3-gallon storage jugs. The electric kettle/water boiler provides hot water for beverages, washing dishes, and cleaning up. Guests refill the water jugs and cooler as needed from our yard spigot and do not need to bring bottled water unless they wish to.


Food: Guests bring their own food and beverages during their stay. Perishables and beverages can be stored in the refrigerator, which has a small ice cube maker.

Bathroom: The cabin utilizes an eco-friendly composting toilet in the attached bathroom (below). A composting toilet is a “dry” no-flush toilet that saves water and turns human waste into garden fertilizer through natural organic processes.  Odors are eliminated by separating liquids from solids and composting the solids by adding wood shavings after each use. A small fan also ventilates the storage compartment to the outside.

Showers: Guests can arrange to take a quick hot shower in our home next door.

Composting Toilet.

The Land: Guests have full roaming privileges on our 3-acre property, including use of the fire ring down by our creek (photo).

Our land is nestled in the beautiful rolling hills and farmland of southwest Michigan near the towns of Cassopolis and Edwardsburg. Our country road is a popular route for local bicycle clubs for its scenic views and low traffic. Guests can enjoy long walks on nearby gravel roads that meander along our creek and through farms and wooded areas. Our rural neighbors are quiet and friendly and many have lived in the area for generations. 

Evenings in the cabin are peaceful and utterly quiet with only the sound of crickets, owls, or the wind whispering through the tall red oaks around the cabin. The night skies are spectacular for stargazing, as we are located far enough from the light of major urban centers.

Relax by our fire circle on Christiana Creek.
View of Christiana Creek from guest cabin.
Winter view of our guest cabin.