Something Sacred Grows Here

The New Novel

A troubled Chicago physician sets off on an urgent road trip across the Plains to reach his dying father’s bedside.  When he arrives on the impoverished Indian reservation he fled as a teen he discovers his dwindling family sick, the neglected hospital facing closure, and the tribe locked in a culture war with outside energy developers. 

It’s not his fight, he thinks.  Until he encounters a fierce young Lakota gang member, a sharp-tongued grandmother, and a former love caught in the crossfire.

Something Sacred Grows Here is a galloping ride through the rugged terrain of family, friendship, culture, and belonging, with a heart as  wide open as the Great Plains.

* * *

Following the path of Lakota story-telling, Nixa offers an understanding of life on Pine Ridge that reveals the tragic conditions and shameful U.S. treatment of people there while shining a light on their resilience and efforts to remember what life should really be all about.”  

–Four Arrows (Wahinkpe Topa), former Dean of Education at Oglala Lakota College on Pine Ridge and author of Restoring the Kinship Worldview, Unlearning the Language of Conquest, et al.

You can’t fully understand until you’ve been there.” A phrase that resonates with anyone who has spent much time in “Indian Country”. Jeff has been there, so he understands.  This novel is filled with the nuances that are so prevalent among the Indigenous Peoples – people who struggle to keep one foot rooted in their history and cultural heritage/identity on the Reservation, while concurrently existing in the world of today’s mainstream society…. an incredible challenge as the two are diametrically opposed.  Jeff’s novel is a window into this reality. It is a great read and I hope that many people will enjoy the story, but learn from it too.”   

-Paula Sibal, Volunteer Coordinator, Pine Ridge Reservation

* * *

All proceeds from this book are being donated to Re-Member, an independent non-profit organization on Pine Ridge Reservation serving members of the Oglala Lakota Nation through volunteer work, relationship building, and cultural exchange.  See

 Modern Shaman’s Field Manual.

Jeff Nixa has written a brilliant book that is truly innovative… a road map for finding our way back into balance with nature, soul, and Spirit. I really love this book. Jeff’s style of writing and story telling, his wealth of knowledge, and the exercises he shares… I highly recommend it for people who are trying to find their way.” 

– Sandra Ingerman, MA, author of Soul Retrieval, and Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life. 

The real creative genius of this book is the way it weaves so many useful sources and resources into a practical manual that is highly accessible for the beginner and useful for the professional practitioner as well. I wish I’d had such a manual for my own clients and apprentices.

 -C. Michael Smith, Ph.D., author of Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue. 


Veteran spiritual guide Jeff Nixa teaches you the Path of the Heart, a remarkable step-by-step approach to personal growth, healing and transformation. Rooted in the nature-based spiritual practices of world shamanism, this is a self-help program with teeth: packed with rare information, hands-on exercises, client case studies, illustrations, ceremonies, and troubleshooting help.  Learn to:  

  • Detect the leadings of your heart’s navigational guidance system
  • Quest for a real vision for your life purpose and spiritual identity
  • Meet your power animal(s) and consult with your spirit guides
  • Embark on shamanic journeys in the spirit world for help and information
  • Clear out your self-sabotaging voices of fear and hesitation
  • Create a more joyful life in balance with nature and the living earth.

If you are at a crossroads on your journey, The Lost Art of Heart Navigation is your map, compass and traveling companion for discovering your true path and confidently navigating the adventure of your life. (And a perfect gift for a soulful friend or family member struggling to find their way.)

This new edition includes four downloadable audio tracks in which Jeff teaches basic shamanic journeying skills with background drumming and narrated journeys.