to Great Plains, self-discovery and education programs that integrate ancient shamanism and the great outdoors.  Founder Jeff Nixa brings 25 years of spiritual care and outdoor adventure skills to this work, begun after a 2009 wilderness vision quest.

Jeff teaches the Path of the Heart, a wisdom course for life-change drawing on the earth-honoring ways of our indigenous ancestors.  The heart path is not a religion but a practice: a time-tested methodology for healing, vision and way-finding rooted in a deep regard for nature and sustainable living.  At the core of this approach is the fire talk session.

Jeff!  Thank you so much!  I loved the fire talk yesterday.  You are a wonderful guide on the path of the heart.  I feel more focused on my goals, like I am wearing armor to guard from negative experiences.  Today I found myself using a negative situation as a good reason to continue my path instead of letting it bog me down.  I am definitely recommending you to my friends.”               -Nick, U.S. Army, Humvee scout/tracker

             “The shamanic journey that Jeff led our group in did more for me in ten minutes than a year of therapy.”                     -Tom. software developer


  • Fire talk counseling sessionsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Workshops on shamanic healing
  • Retreats for individuals and groups
  • Wilderness programs for groups
  • Keynotes, classes and retreats for university and community groups.

In each you will find powerful guidance for your life that comes from your own spiritual center, your heart.  All in beautiful outdoor environments with amazing people gathered from the Four Directions.

 “I was so happy…even in a group setting I had very deep experiences that have         altered my life.   Jeff made a group of strangers into a spiritual family.  I felt truly   accepted, supported and loved for who I am in this world.   Thank you Jeff!                                                                                                                                                                 -April T.

Why Shamanism Now?

We need better healers.  We need more effective spiritual guides.  And we need to change our self-harming relationship with the earth.  Ancient shamanism is reappearing today  because our industrial-growth society doesn’t have a social, economic or religious belief system that honors balance with nature.  And we are in trouble.

Our people are not well.  The average American is anxious, obese, allergic to something and taking two or more prescription medications.  We dwell in climate-controlled structures cut off from the seasons of nature, plants and animals.  Our medicine is driven by pharmasurgical interests that benefit more from treating people than actually healing them.  And as climate scientists warn of irreversible change the U.S. is increasing extraction of fossil fuels from the earth and sea at record rates.

This is crazy.  It is as if we are in a trance, no longer engaged at all with our own nature, or the earth that sustains us.   A shaman would call this disconnection soul loss, a deep unconsciousness caused by our break in relationship with the earth.  Even our churches and religious leaders seem oddly dissociated from the natural world.   When was the last time you heard a sermon about our sacred duty to the earth and not just to heaven?  Who is helping our children talk directly with the spirit of a hawk, a honeybee, a river or an oak?

Shamanic healers remember what our modern tribe has forgotten.  How to connect deeply with nature to seek a healing vision for your life.  How to retrieve lost parts of your vital energy and soul.  How to draw on the time-tested, living wisdom of our ancestors to live in balance with all created things, not just humans and human institutions.

The word shaman simply means “one who knows” or “one who sees”.  Shamanic healers are ordinary people who specialize in soul-journeys for the healing of persons.  For our modern world, shamanic practice provides a time-tested methodology for accessing the soul so we can walk the path of the heart: navigating each day by the deep core of aliveness within us and all around us.

Great Plains Guide Co. is a modern, earth-honoring blend of counseling and education  programs designed to heal soul loss, restore vision and bring the heart alive.  All toward a more forward-directed life of joy and service in balance with the earth.

“As we find ourselves at the crossroads of a global ecological crisis, we need                more urban shamanic practitioners, for which Jeff is a model.  He has the                 knowledge and  experience to guide you on an earth-honoring path of the heart.”        

                                  -C. Mikkal Smith Ph.D, Crows Nest Centers for Shamanic Studies, Author, Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue

A Path For People Who…

  • Hunger for a more vibrant, joyful and self-directed life.
  • Seek a safe community of open-hearted people to be yourself with.
  • Seek more creative and meaningful work in the world.
  • Are facing a major life decision, job or relationship change.185546_2136520766479_1049882709_2497025_2202037_n
  • Sense something missing, as if not walking the life path intended for them.
  • Feel stuck in life, or struggle to recover after a loss, trauma, death or divorce.
  • Feel a deep connection with the earth,  animals, plants and natural world.
  • Yearn for a more integrated, earth-honoring lifestyle and spiritual path.
  • Have not found effective help from medicine, counselors or clergy.

Click FAQs to learn how the shamanic programs at Great Plains address the personal and environmental challenges facing us today.  How they relate to Native American traditions, modern psychology and western religion.  About our programs and fees, the outdoor adventure emphasis, Jeff Nixa‘s background and more.

      “One of the changes I have experienced through Jeff is letting my heart lead in new directions.  I have even been writing some poetry.  I never imagined myself doing that a year ago!  I can sense your prayers and feel your sincere compassion and direction.   Thank you!”       -Keith A., CPA

What You Will LearnIMG_0100

I teach what I know: how to shapeshift your life by walking the heart path.   I have completely recreated my own life four different times: from attorney to minister, to massage therapist, to shamanic teacher and practitioner.  I am living the life my heart has been invited to live, by the Great Force of Life.

We are each called to be our most fully alive, power-filled self in the world.  But to do this one must make a journey downward, into the soul.  Society does not teach you how to do this.  Your church will not even teach you how to do this.   You go deep, meet your most authentic self and your most fundamental fears, and return with a gift for the world.  You become a shaman of your own life: a shapeshifter able to navigate with love and vision in a reactive, fear-based world.

It’s an archetypal hero’s journey.  You will encounter stubborn resistance from others, but mostly from within yourself.  The voices of self-doubt, security and social custom are quite powerful and you will need tools to conquer these dragons on your path.  I teach those tools and will be your ally and guide in this adventure.

You can begin the journey to a more happy, authentic and forward-directed life today.  To learn more about my programs, my background and client testimonials just click on the tabs above.

I hope you enjoy this web site, and thank you for visiting.

-Jeff Nixa, JD, MDiv, CMT

Founder, Great Plains Guide Co.

Great Plains Guide  Company

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